About us

Alcazar is a market-focussed research and analysis company specializing in unfolding strategic trading opportunities associated with the energy transition. Founded in 2012, we are energy specialists with an extensive quantitative and business background and more than 25 years’ experience in the energy markets, including utilities, hedge funds and academic research.

Alcazar [ al-kuh-zahr, al-kaz-er; Spanish ahl-kah-thahr ]: Spanish fortress of Moorish origin. Renowned for their beautiful patterns and impenetrable security, the alcazars are symbolic of a culture advanced in mathematics, science and philosophy.

Joaquin Narro

I founded Alcazar in 2012. My experience encompasses investment management, trading, quantitative analysis, risk management, business development and entrepreneurship. I have worked for various leading energy firms, including Aquila Energy, Vattenfall and Nuon, and I was a founding partner of hedge fund sponsor Cumulus Asset Management. I have a PhD in nuclear physics, a bachelor´s degree in theoretical physics and a master´s degree in big data. I divide my time between London and Madrid.

Monica Caamano

I have been with Alcazar since inception. My experience encompasses research and development of data intensive quantitative models, as well as portfolio management – including analysis, implementing proprietary trading and risk management. I have a PhD in nuclear physics, a bachelor´s degree in physical sciences and a master´s degree in radiation and environmental protection. I am particularly interested in sustainability and the circular economy.

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